Introducing NEWSnet: a 24/7 news channel with a focus on the headlines. NEWSnet follows a classic news wheel format, delivering national and international news, weather, and sports headlines every half hour. 

Many 24/7 cable news channels have shifted from a traditional news-wheel format to a format more focused on talk and opinion than the news headlines themselves. NEWSnet gets back to the headlines, eliminating the pundits, panels, and “shout shows” that have become so common on other channels. NEWSnet has brought back a news format that doesn’t inject opinion into every story. When news breaks, NEWSnet provides the latest details without speculation or analysis – just the facts in a concise format, with updates each half hour as a story unfolds.

Plus, NEWSnet is the only 24/7 news headline channel available both over-the-air and streaming online, so for viewers who have “cut the cord” and are watching TV without cable or satellite service, NEWSnet makes it easy to continue to watch 24/7 news programming.

Here's what each half-hour looks like on NEWSnet : 

:00 & 30 - Headlines NEWSnet begins each half hour with the top story of the moment, updating with the latest details each half-hour when breaking news develops. The top story is followed by a selection of the latest news headlines, updated throughout the day.
:12 & :42 - Weather After a brief commercial break, NEWSnet brings viewers an overview of the weather across the country
:17 & :37 - Sports Weather is followed by a 5-minute look at the latest in sports news every half hour.
:24 & :54 - Features or Local News Each half-hour wraps up with a look at features ranging from Health News to interviews, Business Briefs, and more. In select markets, a 5-minute local news update can be seen during this time slot, instead.

Thanks for making NEWSnet your news source for news!